Spinervals Strendurance1.0 Strength and Endurance Training

Spinervals Strendurance1.0 Strength and Endurance Training
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Serious endurance athletes know that in order to get better in their chosen sport, whether it be cycling, swimming, running or triathlon, they need to do large volumes of sport specific training.  Often times, an effective muscular strength and endurance development program is absent due to a lack of time and availability.

The Strendurance Training Program was developed to address this problem of offering serious endurance athletes an effective alternative to traditional 'gym style' training programs.  The 12 week program contained in this DVD offers six, 20 - 30 minute workouts designed to be completed in a progression, allowing for a steady rate of overload and adaptation for maximum gains in muscle strength and endurance.  The goal of the endurance athlete is not to 'bulk up' with unwanted mass, but rather to boost one's muscular capabilities and the Strendurance program accomplish this goal!

This workout DVD contains six workouts or 'phases' to be done over a 12 week period in addition to a maintenance routine for when the  build phase is completed.  Workouts are short (20-30) minutes, high intensity and include basic exercises like push ups, crunches, squats, etc.

You will want to have the following workout accessories available in order to do these workouts:  Foor Mat, Dumbells (weights depend on your current strength levels), Stability Ball.

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