Spinervals 16.0 Aero Base Builder 1

Spinervals 16.0 Aero Base Builder 1
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80 minute Interval Session Develop your aerobic base and endurance in post and pre season.

These structured 'aerobic' intensity cycling workouts are designed to enhance your aerobic energy system and prepare you body for the harder, anaerobic training that will take your fitness to a new level!

Aerobic or 'blue zone' training is critical to all endurance athletes, especially cyclists and triathletes. By training at an aerobic heart rate during certain phases of your annual training cycle, you'll build greater endurance and enhance your body's ability to use fat as fuel.  Once your 'aerobic' fountadion is set, you'll see greater long term improvement from your 'anaerobic' or 'red zone' training!

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