Spinervals 23.0 Time Saver 1

Spinervals 23.0 Time Saver 1
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Short on training time and have just 30 minutes to squeeze in an effective workout?!

Join Coach Troy Jacobson and 200 athletes from the Minnesota cycling community for a 30 minute 'Time Saver' workout, each designed to focus on a specific area of your fitness while saving TIME.

Workout 'A' - Technique: This 30 minute technique session includes one legged drill work and high cadence pedaling to maximize your leg speed and create better efficiency on the bike.

Workout 'B' - Tempo/Time Trial (TT): Challenge yourself to maintain your maximum output above your anaerobic threshold during a set of leg burning 90 second reps.

Workout 'C' - Sprint/Power: Develop explosive power output and sprinting speed with short bursts of maximum intensity.

  • Length: Three 30-minute workouts (total of 90 minutes)
  • Difficulty levels:
    Workout A: 7.5
    Workout B: 9.5
    Workout C: 9.9
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